Speed up IE7

Heres how you can speed up your Internet Explorer 7:
  • Launch Internet Explorer 7 and wait for the browser to completely load.
  • Right-click on the toolbar menu. A pull-down menu appears when you right-click the toolbar. Deselect all unnessesary/unused toolbars that are checked.
  • Click the "Tools" menu in IE 7. From the pull-down menu, select "Internet Options." This opens a small window. Choose the "General Tab" and click "Delete Cookies." Click "OK" to remove the files. These cookies are placed on your computer after you visit a web page. The cookies can begin to pile up and slow down your computer.
  • Select "Delete Files" to remove the Internet cache, then click "Clear History." This is going to remove all of the visited browser history and other files put on your computer by the Internet. You should notice an immediate boost in browser speed with your Internet Explorer.

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